did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys :-)

the signs as criminals


aries: assassin
taurus: money laundering
gemini: con artist
cancer: killer
leo: violent protest leader
virgo: burglar
libra: murderer
scorpio: cult leader
sagittarius: pick pocket
capricorn: fraud
aquarius: hacker
pisces: drug dealer

Look, what I’m trying to say is: I don’t hate you. I could never hate you.

We are nothing alike. I’m not… Arrogant? Self-centered? Controlling? Sure you are. Face it, we’re not good people.

  • reading in head: i'm practically a master of linguistics my pronunciations are perfect beyond compare
  • reading aloud: *chokes on spit*

You don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to give it all away


series one was wild


Everything you love is here


Everything you love is here

You can save people’s lives, but you cannot save them from life.


*goes to england*

me: excuse me, what time is it?

brit: time wots that m8?

*big ben chimes*

everyone starts to count the bongs on their fingers*

brit: OI IT’S 7 BONG

The Eleventh Tribute - [4/5] episodes
       ↳ The Big Bang