5x16 + showing some skin


klaine + congrats, you must have fantastic sex


So, this scene. Kurt is the one in the hospital bed with the cuts and bruises, but Blaine is the one who looks broken. The most heartbreaking moment of the episode.

Klaine + getting your man his coffee.

Did you know that real warblers won’t sing alone? It’s true — if a warbler loses its flock or is caged separately, it sits silent until another one shows up. It’s not that he doesn’t have a beautiful voice — it’s just that without a companion he just doesn’t feel like singing anymore.

we.. are… now… going to have the hottest make up sex ever.


THIS. This is the affection between the two of them that I’ve been waiting for. It doesn’t have to be constant sex scenes - this ain’t HBO, people.

But there was SO MUCH intimacy and affection in this episode. Yes, they kissed and it was super hot, so score one for the kiss counters. But if you’re only counting kisses, a lot will get left out in this episode.

There was so much casual, comfortable touching and closeness, so much emotional intimacy.

They were such a COUPLE, right there on our screens, without the need to read into anything or make tenuous connections. it was all RIGHT THERE and so so real.

So much love.